This is a summary post of their slideshare

Step 1

Create a LOT of opt-in opportunities - webinars, free reports, live demos. Basically, think of anyway you can to harvest an email address?!

Step 1a

Remove sidebar opt-in and replace with a “leadbox”. Seems like an annoying pop up asking you to subscribe in order to carry on viewing the content. Eeek! Did lead to ~30% more “opt-ins”.

Rule of thumb: need to send people from page A (blog) to B (landing) probably use a LeadBox

Step 1b

Best performing landing page is an opt-in to download a report about the best 5 tools to use to create videos. Essentially a guide that allows the interested person to do something they want better and cheaper. Put it behind an email address LeadBox.

The landing page had barely any information, making processing of it easy.

Create these easily in minutes:

  • App Guide: The Top 4 iPhone Apps for Increasing your Productivity (for a life coach)
  • The only 3 pieces of exercise equipment you need in your home

etc etc

Step 1c - Turn every blog post in to an opt-in page. Give away:

  • checklists (pdf)
  • PDFs of blog posts
  • Worksheets
  • Recipes
  • Resources/Guides

Step 2 - Create a followup sequence

Send something every 3 days 6 times. Every 3 days create a video blog post where we teach something 100% valuable on its own (and then point out how the product does that as well)

Email entire list about the blog posts.

Add the blog posts in to the lesson series.

Rinse. repeat.

Step 3 - Do webinars

High conversions. Made them more money than anything else. Everyone is doing them!

Do 1 webinar every two weeks